Real estate is the most common form of investment – and for good reason. In the long term, property provides stable and secure returns due to the intrinsic value of property. However, the acquisition and sale of property constitute complex legal processes that require specific instruments, drafted carefully and in line with the specific legal requirements of the registry, the transaction and the property itself.


We help draft transfer deeds across a wide spectrum of circumstances and requirements – including freeholds, life estates, partial interests, and temporary leases. Whether transferred through a sale, settlement, relinquishment, or gift, our lawyers can craft the perfect deed for your needs – ensuring the minimum possible levy of stamp duty and the secure registration of your title with the local registry.


We provide our real estate services with only the most qualified and best trained lawyers, with licenses to practice in Washington DC, New York, New Jersey and India. We provide services in-person, through our offices in Delhi and Gurgaon, and virtually, around the world.