Selling your property – whether divesting an investment or relocating from your home – is no simple matter. First, property papers must be examined and a through title check is required – after which, both parties must come to a mutual understanding of the terms of sale and memorialize them in an agreement containing terms and conditions under which the seller aims to puts up the property for sale and the buyer aims to acquire it. Then, there are several documents which must be executing in the proper format and correct order – including the purchase agreement, sale deed, sanctioned plan, letter of allotment, encumbrance certificate and others.


Our team can help draft transfer deeds across a wide spectrum of circumstances and requirements – including sale by negotiation, auction, tender, or public offer. We handle every aspect of the transaction – from initial due diligence and valuation, through negotiating the terms of the property sale and converting verbally agreed terms between the parties into legally binding terms on a paper and executing all the necessary documents in an enforceable form.


We provide property sale services with only the most qualified and best trained lawyers. We provide services in-person, through our offices in Delhi and Gurgaon, and virtually, to our NRI clients worldwide.