As the real estate sector has taken prominence, real estate fraud is also on rise. There are several different ways fraudsters can take advantage of the unwary purchaser. For instance, fake documents may be offered to sell property that is in another’s name, vacant land can be fraudulently transferred into another’s name, or a property may be simultaneously transferred to multiple buyers. In order to stay safe, it is important to conduct a thorough title search before finalizing any transaction.


We have come across numerous cases of fraud over the ownership, rights, or existence of property and have defeated many through our title searches. Our attorneys conduct a detailed inspection to find out the actual owner of the property in order to avoid trouble in the time ahead regarding the ownership of the property. They are skilled at handling all the different variations of search – finding succession, finding registration status, chain of title, and others – and can handle cases both domestically and abroad.


We provide title searches with only the most qualified and best trained lawyers, with licenses to practice in Washington DC, New York, New Jersey and India. We provide services in-person, through our offices in Delhi and Gurgaon, and virtually, around the world.