Mediation is an alternate process for resolving disputes which focuses primarily on the delivery of justice in a minimum period of time through the consent of parties. The success of a mediation process depends on achieving a consensus between the parties in dispute.

The Mediation Process is used to help the parties find a mutually satisfying settlement of the issue by an impartial third party, the conciliator or the mediator. Mediation has its own basic concepts that can assist resolve disputes between the parties on their own terms while maintaining important business and personal links.

There are mediation centers set up in each state by the state govts to help amicable resolution without engaging in high cost & long litigation proceedings. Mediation is often utilized in civil and administrative matters and is regularly employed in civil and domestic matrimonial problems. Mediation is of great help in resolving matters and also reducing the burden of cases on the already overburdened courts In India. Mediation in India is gaining popularity, and judges are also proactively referring cases for resolution through mediation. The Mediator’s major job is to help the parties reach a reciprocal solution.