Litigation is best avoided by using other means for resolution and settlement of disputes or contracts. However litigation becomes necessary if a dispute exists between the parties and one party or both the parties want the conflict to be resolved through a judicial Process and intervention of Courts.

The parties shall be represented before the court by their respective procurators and authorised representatives. However to ensure their proper legal representation in the subject in court , an advocate, counsel or attorney can be engaged. There are various duties for a litigation attorney. The obligations of an attorney include an extensive filing procedure, an investigation into the facts of a case, the preparation of pleadings, the submission of a case to the court, Filing of evidence, settlements and the handling of appeal procedures etc.,

We offer various forms of litigation services be it related to civil, family, taxes, medical litigation, Real Estate, Regulatory, Criminal, Consumer Protection, ADR matters etc.,

Civil conflict generally relates to private conflicts in which the parties concerned lodge accusations against another party. Civil proceedings include insolvency, intellectual property rights, protection of consumers, etc.

Family law issues concern domestic conflicts and are decided in the courts of the family. Family courts cover issues such as divorce, paternity, custody of children, etc. We can be your representative before the Indian tax authorities.

We also provide legal proceedings for corporate, contractual, Criminal ,Consumer Protection , Regulatory Disputes, Criminal Matters Particularly Economic Offences, Negotiable Instrument Act and other matters related to banking etc.,