There are several legaislations available for protecting consumers. The Consumer Protections Act gives immense powers to the consumer in India with special summary courts set up for the purpose. It has helped consumers including Home Buyers seek effective and necessary resolution from the malpractices and deficiencies by service providers. The key to success when dealing with depredating companies is to know what these tools are and how to utilize them to uphold your consumers’ rights. We can help you with the proceedings on consumer protection if you have been deceived by deceptive advertisements or stifled by unfair corporate behavior. Many are not aware that Even Medical & Banking Negligence and deficiencies are covered under the Consumer Protection Act.

We help our clients under stand their rights and how to enforce them for your own safety. Our team of Consumer Protection Attorneys can assist, whether you need to know about your rights, defend yourselves from evil actors or seek justice.

We are a team of highly competent and well educated consumer protection attorneys in India with necessary licenses supporte4d by domain experts from the field of banking , medical and other related fields. Our offices in Delhi, Gurgaon are able to help any one across the world with personalized services.

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